BSG is a Shanghai and Hong Kong based leader in digitalization solutions, ecosystem operation, strategic advisory, and multi-asset class investment holding group.

  • Vision

    We see the dawning of a parallel digitized world rising from the convergence of human, data, and resource flow, anchored by ubiquitous equilibrium between disruptive technological efficiency and socio-economic development. We will stand together with our ecosystem partners, supported by best talents, on the digital frontier as an integral thought and performance leader.

  • Mission

    We are committed to work with extraordinary individuals in their drive to impact and outperform, to empower innovative enterprises in their purpose to better serve, all in the pursue to enhance the world and its people.

  • Value

    Leadership Collaboration Passion Deep thinking Creativity

BSG Core Value

  • Institutional Experiences & Expertise

    BSG’s founding team has extensive experiences building and operating top venture capital, private equity, quantitative trading, technology, media, and legal platforms, across broad range of global industry verticals, combining decades of world class investment, operation and development expertise.

  • Core Resources & Capabilities

    BSG is anchored by and partnered with industry leaders across blockchain, crypto, venture capital, private equity, and global enterprises spanning private and public sectors. We bring to bear highly differentiated expertise and resources across traditional economies, while providing unparalleled access and infrastructure to the blockchain and crypto ecosystem.

  • Integrated & Tailored Solutions

    BSG is fully integrated with operations across origination, blockchain/token/ecosystem design, incubation, team build, fund raise, media, listing, and long termed foundation management, to provide our partners with end-to-end solutions; We uniquely combine roots up and holistic blockchain/token solutions with comprehensive multi-asset class (blockchain, crypto, data, equity, credit) investment and portfolio strategy, tailored to serve all our partners.

"With profound understanding and insight, combined with resources and solutions, across both traditional and blockchain/crypto industries, BSG together with our partners, uniquely provide integrated solutions that seamlessly connect the digital world with real economy, in order to unlock and drive unprecedented value creations."

BSG Core Focus

  • Ecosystem Development

    Tailored for innovative enterprises seeking disruptive decentralized solutions, to undertake digitalization leadership in native sector as well as across multi- channels, regions, and sectors.

    BSG partners with founder and team to develop and incubate the entire ecosystem ground up, as co-sponsor to the foundation.

    • Heavy end-to-end engagement from conceptualization to post listing operational management
    • Ecosystem blueprint including blockchain technical construct and token economics design
    • Responsibe for all stages of execution and documentation
    • Anchor foundation investor driving all private and public fund raising (with or without ICO)
    • Omni-channel media and PR capability with content creation and global community
    • Multiple stages listing with long termed strategic roadmap
    • “Crypto-equity” combination investment and structuring capability, including LBO+blockchain, loan+token, pre-ICO convertible

  • Off-Chain to On-Chain Transformation

    For established business with sizable base of existing data, users, transactions, seeking immediate blockchain solution, to enhance current operation.

    BSG engage to transform existing off-chain business with full range of blockchain-as-a-service (BAAS) solutions.

    • User-onchain, data-onchain, transaction-onchain transformation
    • Identify critical BAAS solutions to unlock value-traps
    • Project design and restructuring at legal, operation, product, technology, data, and token level
    • Tailor solution with operation and cost efficiency
    • Immediate access to and partnership establishment with industry leading blockchain resources and ecosystems
    • Both discentralized and centralized solutions with token issuance

  • Private Investments

    Global origination of alt-token, digital asset, equity positions targeting strategic technology, digitalization-intrinsic value, ecosystems with clear utility proliferation

    BSG is uniquely positioned as a dynamic multi-asset class investor and strategic operator combined.

    • Invest in industry leading founders, team, and enterprises with focus on human capital, disruptive innovation, and passion to perform
    • Seek strategic stake in mission critical technology, product, capability, and channel
    • In addition to capital and operational commitments, BSG to provide unparalleled access and resources to our portfolio and partner ecosystem
    • Multi-asset class investments with flexible structure, with ability to hold evergreen

“BSG is disciplined and critically focused on: partnership with successful serial entrepreneurs + proven business model with organic and sustainable demand + true blockchain applications with real token economic value creation.”

BSG Core Team

  • photo


    • Angel investor of Binance
    • Co-founder of Vision Knight (7yrs)
    • Partner of DT Capital and Dragon Tech (10yrs)
    • Ph.D. in EE, University of Manchester

  • photo

    JIM HE

    • Partner of Vision Knight (2yrs)
    • MD of ICBCI RT Capital (5yrs)
    • Carlyle Asia Buyout (7yrs)
    • UPENN, Wharton

  • photo


    • Partner of GF Investments (3yrs)
    • MD of Jiazi Investment (3yrs)
    • Carlyle Asia Buyout (6yrs)
    • Colony Capital (4 yrs)
    • Carnegie Melon University

  • photo


    • Vision Knight (4yrs)
    • King & Wood Malleson (3yrs)
    • PricewaterhouseCoopers (3yrs)
    • East China University of Politics & Law

  • photo


    • Partner of Photon Capital (1yrs)
    • ICBCI RT Capital (6yrs)
    • Goldman Research (2yrs)
    • University of Chicago

  • photo


    • ZWC Capital (1yr)
    • Morgan Stanley IBD (2yrs)
    • New York University, Stern
    • Founder of a co-storing real estate platform;
    • Commis chef at 21.9 (Michelin 1 star);
      Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen (Michelin 3 star); (1 yr)

BSG Partners

  • Binance, an anchor investor of BSG, is the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem comprised of the world’s largest crypto exchange, research lab and incubator.

  • WanXiang Blockchain started a strategic layout in the blockchain industry in 2015 by establishing Wanxiang Blockchain which has already built an ecosystem that consist of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, Wanxiang Blockchain Business Consulting Service, Wanxiang Chainbase Accelerator, and Wancloud. On the basis of further integrating resources, it develops industrial solution with blockchain, providing technology, capital and resources to build open and professional platform.

  • Fenbushi Capital is the first China-based venture capital firm that exclusively invests in Blockchain-enabled companies. Its portfolios include ABRA, BIT Pagos and Circle.

  • VeChain is the world's leading enterprise-focused DApp/ICO platform for products and information. It aims to connect blockchain technology to the real world with its cryptocurrency VET, which is a blockchain platform that focuses on financial services, supply chain management, and smart contracts. VeChain has accumulated extensive experience in an ever expanding list of industries including pharmaceuticals, liquor, automobile, luxury goods and retail

  • JRR Crypto is the world's leading distributed investment banking group which focus on blockchain industry and cryptocurrency. JRR Crypto is principally engaged in seven major business segments: incubator and industrial park, business consulting, investment banking service, industrial fund, cryptocurrency exchanges, secondary market transactions and digital asset management.

  • Drep is a decentralised ecosystem based on Blockchain technology which empowers various Internet platforms to quantify and monetise reputation value.'

  • Blockchain Global operates as a blockchain technology commercialization and investment company. It offers blockchain mining, blockchain consulting, and blockchain incubation services. In addition, it provides auditing services for the bitcoin network.

  • Blockshine Technology is an independently operated subsidiary of Blockchain Global, the backer of a $200 million multi-national blockchain investment fund that spans 50 companies and projects, including DigitalX—the world’s first-ever publicly listed blockchain company. As a leading provider of blockchain-related services and one-stop solutions, the company focuses on the development of blockchain technology by providing holistic solutions and consulting services towards blockchain projects and blockchain applications.

  • Amber AI is a global, diversified trading firm offering a range of fully-integrated institutional services. By combining state-of-the-art machine learning with sophisticated quantitative research and best-in-class technology, Amber invests, trades and provides liquidity in cryptocurrencies and derivatives, turning over billions monthly.

  • Widus Partners provides investment advisory service including capital raising solutions for mid-sized businesses in Asia. Widus Partners also invest along with strategic and financial co-investors in the companies with potentials on overseas market expansion.

  • FanX is the world’s largest blockchain based social media ecosystem empowering global fan communities through rewarding communal interactions between social media users and Content Providers

  • Cahrenheit is China’s leading blockchain project for the automobile servicing and aftermarket economy. Its ecosystem is designed to reward auto owners/users, SMEs, and ecosystem stake-holders to establish car data transparency/monetization and mitigate existing economic inefficiencies

  • Airbloc is a decentralized data exchange platform for individuals and apps to aggregate and sell their anonymized personal data.

  • Distributed Credit Chain (DCC) is the world's first distributed banking public blockchain with a goal to establish a decentralized ecosystem for financial service providers around the world.