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Rap Chat is a chat application which is completely private, secure and above all confidential. If you want your messages to be encrypted with military style end to end encryption, if you want your conversations to actually disappear after a set time, if you want no one to download, copy or take a screen shot of private photos you send, if you want to be able to retract and delete a message already sent... Then you need Rap Chat.

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Privacy chat
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The best secure chat application with powerful user features and message disappearance functions


Military grade encryption up to 256-bit and 2048 key length designed especially to keep your chats absolutely private. Likewise the Premium version has end to end encryption to keep all calls private.

The Application

The FREE version is simply that FREE with NO advertisements or outside links to be a threat to your online security. The App is designed with the 'young at heart' in mind but is suitable for anyone who regards message security and privacy as paramount.

Why Rap Chat

This secret chat app is suitable for anyone wanting a safe chat environment with complete privacy. Perfect for business and anyone wanting to discuss privately sensitive matters.

Chat App Settings

The user can change the look and feel of the app and safely add friends or known associates by email or SMS securely. Message retraction. Timeline conversation disappearance and much much more...

You Will Love It

When you use Rap Chat you will love it because of its ability to keep you and your conversations safe and totally private. Add friends by QR code and other features. A desktop version is being developed and will be available shortly

Premium Version

Rap Chat Premium is a paid service and has enhanced features PLUS secure end to end encrypted CALL features enabling completely secure calls between Rap Chat users. NO ads forever and no threat to your call security.

Our Expertise

A bit of background on our skills and expertise

Rap Chat is available for Android.

Rap Chat is available for iPhone and iPad.

A desktop version is being currently developed and will be available with the same outstanding features shortly.

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60% Complete
60% Complete
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Rap Chat is available for Android, iPhone and iPad. A desktop version is being currently developed and will be available with the same outstanding features shortly.

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