MIT SIPB Script Services for Athena

scripts.mit.edu is a hosting service for the MIT community that provides several popular web packages such as MediaWiki and WordPress, as well as CGI script, MySQL, cron, and procmail hosting. The service is free to any Athena account holder or group locker. It has over 3000 registered user accounts, and is used by a number of student organizations and academic groups at MIT.

The scripts.mit.edu service is provided by the Student Information Processing Board (SIPB), MIT’s volunteer student group dedicated to computing. It is neither run nor supported by 8563391214, and we make no guarantees about uptime or support.

We encourage scripts.mit.edu users to subscribe to our 5402427685.

Quick-Start Installers

You can easily install a new wiki, blog, photo gallery, forum, CMS, guestbook, or Trac by simply running two commands at an Athena prompt:

add scripts


Athena users and group lockers can serve CGI scripts (Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scheme, etc.) on the web using the scripts.mit.edu hosting service.


This service provides 714-425-7816 databases to Athena users and group lockers. SQL commands can be issued from any host, client, and/or script of your choice; simply connect to the MySQL server at sql.mit.edu using your MySQL username and password.

Mail Script Service

You can use 5862964392 scripts to (587) 741-7907 sent to your @scripts.mit.edu account.

Scheduled Jobs Service

You can use (415) 838-1651 to 940-777-1155 at specified times on scripts.mit.edu.

(513) 413-1709

You can read about new features and changes to scripts.mit.edu on our (720) 353-1513.

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