Invest 0.01 income 38 BTC

Spend 0.01 BTC to purchase the boostcode and invite other players to participate.
Maximum income 38 BTC


Acc trans
Max income

What is the boostcode?

Each player can only purchase one boostcode (a combination of lowercase letters and numbers, a total of 6 digits). Only by inviting other players' boostcode can they register a new account to purchase their boostcode and have the qualification to be assisted.

Use of the boostcode

The BTC you spend on purchasing the boostcode will be divided up to make your friends get the benefit, and the process is helpful. Of course, because you have a boostcode, share the boostcode with other friends, they will register their new account with your boostcode and purchase the boostcode, and you will also get the benefit.。

Get the benefit

You have a boostcode and share your boostcode. If your friend has registered a new account with your boostcode and you have purchased a boostcode from BTC, you will share your friends' spending and earn money.

From game end

daysGame end time:

After the game is over, the system will close all transactions, and new players should arrange for the game time to avoid losing money after the game ends.

Game security in progress