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  • “ Awe-some! Recruitment Life Cycle Tool. Intelligent recruiting, voice feedback recording, referrals assessment and candidate interview experience all in one go! Super intelligent and efficient way of managing Hiring! Keep up the good work hireXP! ”

    Rabia Dhody
    Director- Human Resources
    Tk20, Inc.
  • “hireXp team is doing an amazing job by really giving visibility to the management in the hiring process and also sharing candidate experience during the interview process which helped us improve a lot of things in the hiring process. I am sure they will make a great HR focused SAAS company out of India.”

    Ambarish Gupta
    Knowlarity Communications
  • “hireXP helped us improve the candidate response rate to 70 to 80 %. We were able to improve the communication with the candidates. Before hireXP, we were not able to pinpoint candidates who were perhaps going from Amber to red category and we were not able to understand what's going wrong. HireXp helped us build the predictability and we were able to convert candidate from red and amber category to green. HireXP definitely has an edge over other tools available in the market.”

    Nandini Bhatnagar
    Head - Employer Branding
  • “The leadership of the hireXP is completely involved and they have been driving this from the beginning and they are just not here to sell the product, they are here to ensure that product is being used and it is being used to the advantage of the employer. I have never experienced this kind of approach coming from other companies in this space. It was a great experience onboarding them.”

    Shambhavi Solanki
    Head - HR
  • “I have been using HireXP for a year now and the experience has been wonderful. The tool is designed does not only help me easy my TA team job but also is very user-friendly for the hiring managers to be using it. We are able to do the job posting to all the sites within minutes. The reach is good. CanXp is helping us with insights that can help improve our internal hiring processes. Hiring managers are able to upload feedback easily and immediately. This is reduced our internal response time to almost half. They record their voices and it is done! And before I close, I cannot forget to mention that the tech support team at HireXP is very friendly and the response time is less than 30 minutes!”

    Shruti Singh
    Head Of Human Resources
    Pop XO
  • “HireXP makes hiring process smooth and efficient. It makes both recruiters' and managers' life easy as it is very time-saving. It gives an amazing experience and is an awesome tool.”

    Aakriti Nagpal

Why hireXP?

Your company is as great as your people, and strong teams are never built by accident. If you want to build an all-star team, you also need to be invested in building an all-star recruitment process. This is where hireXP comes in!

hireXP is a new age recruitment solution that empowers you to hire the right candidate; every single time. Backed by a strong analytics framework, hireXP takes all the guesswork out of recruiting; allowing you to intelligently customize and automate key hiring processes, as per your evolving needs.

Divided into two modules – hireXP and CanXP – our solution takes a 360-degree approach to hiring. We help you identify the right candidates. We also help you design an exemplary candidate experience – so the right candidates pick you back.



The hireXP recruitment solution gives you complete control and visibility into your recruitment process. From work planning to create a job to sharing it across your social media presence, to sourcing candidates, interview and hiring management – it streamlines the entire hiring process, offering you actionable analytics at each step of the way.

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Candidate Experience Software (canXP)

Create Intelligent voice campaigns using Automated Speech Recognition and Text to Speech to enhance candidate experience.

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hireXP Onboarding Software

hireXP Onboarding facilitates the journey from an offer letter to an integrated team member.


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