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Guest Post by Finnegan Pierson The term Big Data has been around for a while now. However, there is still confusion on what it means. The concept of big data is rapidly evolving, and its definition is often reconsidered. However, what is clear is that big data has played a ...
Introducing a simple and intuitive Python API for UCI machine learning repository
Introducing a simple and intuitive API for UCI machine learning portal, where users can easily look up a data set description, search for a particular data set they are interested, and even download datasets categorized by size or machine learning task.
How to design conclusive A/B Testing experiments?
xkcd and the needle of probability
xkcd referenced the ever-so-loved forecasting needle. I’m so not gonna look at it…Tags: humor, needle, uncertainty, xkcd
Do Tourist Review Differently on Yelp: A NLP Classification Task
Hypothesis Everyday millions of restaurant goers record their experiences and express their opinion on the web. Due to the enormous amount of money spent on tourism in the United States, identifying these tourist and their preferences is a worthy endeavor. So, my project started with the hypothesis that tourist to ...
Sephora Data Analysis For Select ELC Brands
Background and Introduction Estee Lauder Companies (ELC) is a high-end beauty company that was founded in 1946 and became a publicly traded corporation in 1995. Currently, ELC has 30 beauty brands in its portfolio. Since going public, ELC has heavily focused on growing their brand portfolio through several acquisitions. However, ...
How the Three-Point Line Changed the NBA and the Game of Basketball
(Project: / Introduction The game of basketball is a fascinating one, one that I deeply love and religiously studied since childhood. Its beauty exists in its fast pace and the perfect balance between teamwork and individual heroism. Basketball is a five-man game, but the undeniable beauty is also found when ...
Adapted from CIDRCarlos Atico Ariza was an Insight Fellow in Fall 2018, where he deployed a web application that utilizes image analysis to diagnose and prioritize malaria patients — reducing clinician labor by 85%. Before Insight, Carlos worked as a Data Science consultant building end-to-end machine learning solutions like an ...
How a meme grew into a campaign slogan
A meme that cried “jobs not mobs” began modestly, but a couple of…Tags: election, meme, New York Times, Twitter
Kweku Ulzen came to NYCDSA with a strong technical background and a goal to master the more quantitative side of computing. Kweku earned a degree in Management Information Systems and then went to work in Microsoft's Consulting Services division. He did that for three years before shifting to a job ...
AI Simplified: Target Leakage
In this installment of the AI Simplified video series Jake Shaver, Program Manager at DataRobot, talks about target leakage, one of the most challenging issues when developing a machine learning model.
In this continuing regular feature, we give all our valued readers a monthly heads-up for the top 10 most viewed articles appearing on insideBIGDATA. Over the past several months, we’ve heard from many of our followers that this feature will enable them to catch up with important news and features ...
Linear Regression in Real Life
Having trouble following the concept of linear regression? Here's a real-world example that makes it really clear.
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Sean Keenan, Co-founder and Vice President of Product for Unifi, explores how tools like natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence are changing the landscape of big data and driving innovation forward.
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I experiment with some different ways of handling counts in tables that have been suppressed for confidentiality, and come up in favour of multiple imputation. The mice R package helpfully lets you define your own imputation algorithm.
Demographic effects on voting intention
The Economist built an election model that treats demographic variables like blocks that…Tags: demographics, Economist, election
Maps of the issues mentioned most in election advertising
As the midterm elections loom, the ads focusing on key issues are running…Tags: advertising, Bloomberg, election
Top Data Science Hacks
Top tips and tricks for data science enthusiast to make more productive use of time & make difficult data science tasks simpilier.