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Advanced brain-training technology takes your game to the next level!

ACE, Applied Cognitive Engineering, Inc., is the leading provider of brain-training programs for athletes.
Its flagship product family, the IntelliGym™, has elevated the game of thousands of players to the next level. The IntelliGym™ is a computer software that runs on a standard PC. With a look & feel of an engaging video-game, this sophisticated tool challenges players with personalized step-by-step training program. An extensive research has shown improvement of 20% to 40% in actual on-court performance stats.

The company’s first product, hypoisotonic has been adopted by leading Division 1 teams, including Memphis, Kentucky and Florida. Following the collegiate training products, the company released an edition for younger players of ages 12 to 18. It is now used by numerous basketball players worldwide.

ACE and USA Hockey have recently teamed up to develop the first hockey-sense training program for hockey players. The program is under development these days and will be offered to players playing competitively within a few months.

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