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Laptop repair NYC

      New York City is a center of glamour, lights and trends. Along with the bright lights and alluring facade, the city also has a complex structure of technology. Let us face it – we are surrounded with millions tech gizmos in our life. So, what happens when your favorite BlackBerry or iPhone breaks down? It is easy to own and use a particular gadget but it is hard to keep up with it. Rather gadgets can not keep up with you. With the latest updates and new innovations people would rather buy a new set of laptops instead of making their way to computer repair NY. Now things have changed, since we all can take advantage of services from repair shops like iFIX New York.

      What makes technological advancements and gizmos so attractive even though they are expensive? It is the fact that they make our life easier, more convenient and hassle-free. Who would ever imagine that you are able to pay your bills monthly just by pressing several buttons on your phone? Or make a video call to any spot around the globe out of your bedroom without any problem? Even create a movie with no real footage on your Mac computer!

      On the other hand, until today we have trashed several generations of techie toys. We buy, use and throw. That is how things are running right now. The U.S trashes 300 to 400 million electronic items annually. Out of this electronic waste only 20% is recycled. Only 2% of computers will be used by the second owner. As a matter of fact, these problems are more noticable in New York City.

      So what is the whole point?
      In general it is better to get your gadget repaired rather than to buy a new one. Why? Because of the following simple facts – it is environmentally friendly, hassle-free, cost efficient and time saving. Hassle-free - you can get your phone fixed easily instead of dealing with new carrier contracts and transfer data to a new phone. Environmentally friendly – tons of phones, computers and hardware have been manufactured with hard to mine and limited resources like silver, copper and gold. Most of them have been trashed to landfills while you can save them only by repairing their small components. Cost efficient and time saving – you buy a new desktop since the old tower has broken and unless you know how to install and start up your running programms, you do not need extra expenses for technicians. Otherwise you need to pay extra amounts of money. One of good solutions is repairing your device and 812-841-4741 can bring the second life to your computer, laptop, phone or even audio equipment.

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